… then join our Instagram BOOST team!

Do you want supportive Instagram followers, right now? Are you an active and friendly Instagram user, who wants to be part of a positive BOOST team who Follow and Like each others posts?

The instructions are simple, but please read them carefully, to make sure you get it right!
People who cannot follow the instructions properly will not be added to the Instagram BOOST team.

  1. Login to your Instagram account via web.stagram(it’s an Instagram web browswer, that makes it much easier to link to your account and other BOOST team members).
  2. FOLLOW each of the BOOST team members below, and on each profile:
    • LIKE at least 5 of their photos…
    • and, on the photo you like mostCOMMENT:
      This is awesome! from @instant_likes_boost
      (make sure you copy this exactly, or we won’t be able to verify it has been done).
  3. When you have finished, return to @instant_likes_boost, and COMMENT on the latest photo:
    Join the BOOST team!
    (make sure you copy this exactly, or we won’t be able to verify it).

That’s it, welcome to the team where we support each other! Your account will be added to the list below, all the BOOST team will Follow you and Like your pictures, and so will all the new members to the BOOST team.

The Instagram BOOST team (so far):

  1. instant_likes_boost
  2. neilhillman
  3. timurundes
  4. fashion4freya

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